4 Reasons You Love Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’


There’s so much money on your mind that you may have not even noticed the slayage that’s occurring on iTunes.

This past weekend Sam Smith has “his” moment when he performed on SNL.

If you look back through the years countless artists got their big break once they performed on the SNL stage. So being the male answer to Adele like I said back in February, naturally Smith would follow in her footsteps and blow up after his debut appearance.

I don’t know if the release of ‘Stay With Me’ was done because of the appearance, but I’m glad it happened.

‘Stay With Me’ gives us everything we need. I’m talking about some Fighting Temptations realness. Some truth that’s signed sealed and delivered.

Here’s why:



Jennifer Lopez and French Montana Hit American Idol

Jennifer Lopez - I luh Ya Papi (Music Video)

Once again JLo is using the American Idol train to her advantage.

‘I Luh Ya Papi’ debuted on the Hot 100 this week at 98. Considering that both the song and the video were released last week, last night’s performance may be the last thing to save the song.

Out of all of her lead single, ‘Papi’ is probably the weakest, but the way she performed last didn’t show that. Out of all of the performances she’s done over the years on Idol this was her best. It even proved that her voice is getting better like Marc Anthony said.

French Montana’s mic must have been off because all I heard was his studio vocals. That was his biggest televised performance to date, so I’m curious if it will affect the rest of his career positively.

Take a peep at JLo’s latest offering below:


Sam Smith Performs ‘Leave Your Lover’; World Stops Moving

Sam Smith

This past Thursday Sam Smith performed at the MtvU Woodie Awards down in Austin.

He decided to bless us with a performance from album track ‘Leave Your Lover’, a song about unrequited love and the levels of emotions that come with it.

How is it humanly possible for his voice to sound exactly the same on stage as it does in the studio? What type of British magic did he and Adele succumb to? How pissed is Rita Ora that she can’t obtain it?

‘Leave Your Lover’ is another brilliant track from Sam. He’s been performing it for a while, but I’m apparently very late to the ‘lover’ party. The song contains the same octave jumping vocals that we’ve come to expect from Sam, but since his voice is flawless each song sounds better than the last.

Get ready to be schooled below.


Drake and Rihanna Perform ‘Take Care’ for the First Time; Love is Real


It only took 2 years for us to finally see a performance of ‘Take Care’ live with both Drake and Rihanna.

Drake brought the Bad Gal out during his tour stop in Paris on Tuesday night. Both decked in all white, the duo serenaded each other with their 2012 hit. He is currently in the European leg of his Would You Like A Tour? world tour.

The two have performed together before when Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ was ruling the world, but we’ve never been blessed with a ‘Take Care’ performance.

This beautiful display of *Future voice* love and affection sent the Parisian crowd into a frenzy. The internet then followed, causing ‘Bad Behavior’ throughout the world.

After the performance, Drake took to instagram to post a picture of the two with the caption “PaRIH”. Naturally France has since notified United Nations of the legal name change.


The city of love has never looked so good!


King Bruno Slays Halftime, Breaks Records, Does Split, Etc.


Let’s keep it real.

The Super Bowl was a bust yesterday.

It was one of the most boring games I’ve ever seen. Broncos didn’t stand a chance. We all knew the Seahawks were going to win 40 minutes in and nothing was done to change that. No suspense, no thrill.

The Bronco’s had a rough day, but Bruno Mars did not.

Let’s take it back (take it back) to last September when Bruno was announced as the halftime show performer.

Calling me skeptical was an understatement. I was disappointed and confused. Bruno had always been an amazing performer, but I wasn’t sold on him carrying the halftime show. We had just seen Beyonce reunite Destiny Child and own the stage. How could he compete with that?

But last night proved that I should’ve never knocked Bruno down.


What Bruno Should (And Shouldn’t) Do At The Halftime Show


Here’s the thing, playing the Superbowl Halftime Show is one of the biggest honors an artist can receive.

 Think about it.

It only happens once a year and lately only one artist has headlined the show. If they’re nice, the artist will ask others to join, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are headlining.

Last year Beyonce had 100 million viewers for her show. It was the top moment of her career.

Bruno is being given an unbelievable opportunity tonight young into his career.

I’m still a little shocked he was picked (more on that when I review the show tomorrow), so it’s essential that he doesn’t mess this up.

Here’s how he can avoid that: