The Radio Is Killing John Legend


It’s pretty much impossible that you haven’t heard John Legends ‘All Of Me’ by now.

Taken from his album, Love in the Future, the song took off after his performance at the Grammys last month. It immediately jumped into the top 5 on iTunes after the performance and the radio finally jumped on the bandwagon.

John had been pimping the song out for a few weeks before the Grammys. He performed the song on Ellen and the song has started to gain steam. What it was missing was the radio love and the Grammy performance solved that.

But after a few weeks of being on the radio ‘All Of Me’ started to sound like a cat scratching a chalkboard while screaming. The radio can do wonders for some songs, but for others it can have the opposite effect – utter hatred.


20 Songs To Turn Up Your Commute


Let me paint a picture of my commute for you:

I get on the subway between 6-6:30 everyday only to fight my way for a seat. Most days I’m blessed with ones, other days I stand and slowly die holding the pole.

But don’t get it twisted, I slowly die in my seat being crushed between the two people next to me. If I’m lucky they’re eating a doughnut, if I’m not they have fish.

So aside from reading, my saving grace is my morning playlist.

It periodically switches, but they’re are always some classics that survive each edit. So I wanted to share it with you guys because who doesn’t need a good pick me up in the morning. And if your like me, nothing can fix a New York commute like a good old turn up.


My most recent playlist below:


Jason Derulo Goes For The “Bilingual” Pop Crown



Jason Derulo pulled a fast one on us yesterday and released a Spanish version of his hit single ‘Talk Dirty’.

Other “Bilingual” pop stars are reportedly steaming from the release. By steaming I mean they’re probably loving it, and by “bilingual” I mean the artist who released a Spanish single when no one knew they spoke Spanish.

Anyone remember ‘Irreemplazable’?

How about ‘If I Ain’t Got You (Spanish Version)’?

I’m sure that the Spanish version of ‘Talk Dirty’ was recorded for the preservation of the language and not for the $ales and widespread radio play it will receive right?

America is a melting pot of cultures, we have the right to hear ‘Talk Dirty’ in any language that we want to don’t we?


Young Money: The Rise Or Fall of an Empire?


Young Money released their second compilation album today, The Rise of an Empire. But I’m starting to doubt the album’s title after giving it a spin.

We’ve seen a lot of label empires in Rap/Hip-Hop. Remember the power of Death Row, Bad Boy, Murder Inc. and G-Unit back in day? They were everywhere from the airwaves to the clothes racks. The 2009-2011 success of Young Money seemed to mirror that.

The introduction of superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj mixed with the never ending Lil Wayne reign lead to massive popularity for the label. This lead to a top 5 compilation single and top 10 album. Everyone wanted a piece of Young Money back then.

But it’s 2014, the fireworks are done, and the world isn’t watching the way it use to.

Rise hasn’t even cracked the top 5 on iTunes and none of the songs are taking off on the singles chart. So how much of a rise is this actually going to be?

Songs For A Modern Day Soul Train


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with a good soul train line.

Name a better way to get a bunch of people out on the floor and force them to kill it. I use kill it very loosely because the display of dance at my wedding’s soul train line was….special.

But that’s the fun of it. If you slay great, if you don’t you’ll survive. The minute you get to the top of the line and look at your partner in the eyes there’s an immediate connection. You trust them. They trust you. No matter what you’re working together, with ease or struggle, to get to the end of the line.

It’s a shame that it’s a dying art form. My sole purpose of this blog this post is to bring back America’s baby. Bring back the original open space of creativity. Bring us back to the phunk.

Here’s a few songs that you can get real funky to from the last few years. Plus, a fool proof classic.

Together we shall resurrect the soul train.


Billboard Names ‘Thrift Shop’ Hottest Rap Song Ever;Please Check Pulse


I do love me some ‘Thrift Shop’, but WUT?

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs. Billboard decided to roll in the milestone by listing the top 100 songs from the chart.

As you can imagine a lot of people were real pressed when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were listed at number 1 with their 2012 hit ‘Thrift Shop’. After reading the full list, the positioning of the song is even more surprising.

Let me break down the list Theezy style so we can understand the absurdity of it all.

Please check your pulse throughout and make sure to breath slow.


10 Album Tracks You Need To Hear


I’m giving you guys some gold today, so you’re welcome in advance.

A good album usually has its best moments hidden within the tracklist, The worst part of the industry being so single focused at the moment is that these great songs get left behind. The general public tends to miss out on the real quality because buying an album is more of a stan action than a casual listener.

It’s just sad when you realize how many perfect songs are being left in the dust.

You guys should all start buying albums.

[End of Rant]

I’m gonna do you all a favor and serve you some of the classics that you may have never heard.

The thing is I could probably give you dozens of these lists I had to, so maybe I’ll pop by and do this again. Either way, I just blessed your ipod with 25 song.

*In no particular order*


Top 5 Oscar Winning Disney Songs


Now that you’ve all seen Idina Menzel Adele Dazeem perform the Oscar winning Disney song, ‘Let It Go’, I think it’s time to look back and see the greatness that came before it.

I’ll admit that this post is probably a little atypical for Theezy Knows Best. It’s happening for 3 reasons –

1. I need more time to process Pharrell’s G I R L. Expect a review tomorrow. Firs thoughts, “I’m a huntah”

2. My article yesterday mentioned a few Disney songs, which sent me down memory lane. I listened to each one of the winning songs and realized how epic some of the songs were.

3. Because I want to*

*Also, Theezy Knows Best, so…..

We all know the travesty that occurred last night when ‘Let It Go’ beat ‘Happy’. Darlene Love was happy when she sang her speech, but I doubt she was to see Pharrell lose. Still, ‘Let It Go’ now joins the elite club of Disney winning songs, and whether it should have or not it did.

To welcome a new member into the group I decided to list the top 5 Oscar winning Disney songs of all time.

My (probably only) Disney post below:


Who Will Win The Oscar For Best Song?

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

This year has to be one of the tightest races for Best Original Song.

It’s been about 2 months since U2 walked away with the Golden Globe for ‘Ordinary Love’. While the Golden Globes tend to show the front runners for the acting categories, the same isn’t always true for Best Original Song.

With that said, U2’s chances of winning are slim when stacked up against the other choices.

Especially since ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Happy’ have received so much attention in the past few weeks.

I’m going to handle this the same way I handled the Grammy predictions, which means I can rant a little bit about who was snubbed and what a crime it was. I’m going to leave out the LOL section because I’m an adult and should start acting like one (but really there’s no one to put there so LOL, am I right?)

Also, I’m going to show you the power of Disney.

Predications Below:


New Map Reveals Favorite Artist By State; Maryland Is A Rowland Stone


Who knew the Old Line State could bump this dis?

A map revealing the favorite artist of each state has gone viral today, with tons of Facebook shares and a feature on Buzzfeed.

Created by Paul Lamere, the map uses various platforms to determine the most listened to artist of each state. It’s an awesome read if you’re curious to see his method of collecting data ->

The best part of reading any type of statistic list or map is the hilarious truth it reveals. I was just asking my friend, David, about Kelly Rowland stan’s today, only to find there’s a whole state of them.



So what we really need to do is highlight what we’ve learned, because finding out that Maryland stans for Kelly Rowland changes my whole view of Baltimore.

*When Love Takes Over*

My thoughts and the map below: