10 Years

10 Years Young: Kanye’s The College Dropout Turns 10


Today marks the 10th anniversary of Kanye West’s debut album, The College Dropout.

Does anyone remember the Artist To Watch¬†segment from MTV? I know that it still exists, but there was once a simpler time where it would air right between Room Raiders and TRL. It was a quick 5 minute snapshot of a new artist, giving you just enough information to make you interested. I don’t remember a lot of the artists featured, but I explicitly remember Kanye.

The segment talked about his producing for Jay-Z, and the car accident that almost killed him. It was also the first time I heard ‘Through the Wire’, the song recorded during his recovery when his mouth was wired shut.

Multiple artists talked about how much they loved him. Different pictures would flash on the screen of him in a holding a bear mascots head. There was no leather pants, no grill, no stripped glasses. Just a guy wanting to step into the spotlight.

I’ll never forget when Alicia Keys, who was at the height of her career, said, “I think we can expect big things from Kanye.”

The College Dropout not only solidified her statement, but became one of the best debut albums in Rap history.