Boots ‘Dreams’ With Bey


Let’s be honest, the biggest mystery of Beyonce’s new album was its unknown producer Boots. (This is excluding the fact that the whole album was a mystery to us all – LOL REMEMBER WHEN THAT HAPPENED??)

Since he blessed us with ‘Haunted’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Jealous’, etc, etc, Boots has been dropping tracks over the last few months leading up to the release of his planned mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall. He’s slowly began to build his brand, upping the hype for the mixtape with each release.

The fact that he had received so much notoriety from Beyonce is already giving him some major home field advantage with his most recent release ‘Dreams’. A Beyonce fan will love anything that she is on, so he’s winning there, but the song is just another example of his song writing skills.



Songs For A Modern Day Soul Train


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with a good soul train line.

Name a better way to get a bunch of people out on the floor and force them to kill it. I use kill it very loosely because the display of dance at my wedding’s soul train line was….special.

But that’s the fun of it. If you slay great, if you don’t you’ll survive. The minute you get to the top of the line and look at your partner in the eyes there’s an immediate connection. You trust them. They trust you. No matter what you’re working together, with ease or struggle, to get to the end of the line.

It’s a shame that it’s a dying art form. My sole purpose of this blog this post is to bring back America’s baby. Bring back the original open space of creativity. Bring us back to the phunk.

Here’s a few songs that you can get real funky to from the last few years. Plus, a fool proof classic.

Together we shall resurrect the soul train.


Beyonce and Jay-Z ‘Surfbort’ to Number 2


For the second week, Katy Perry’s still raging with the number 1 song in the country, ‘Dark Horse’. Even though the song is a certified smash, this bizarre display probably had something to do with it-


It was impossible to knock Katy from the top spot this week. The mix between her song sales and radio play was too strong to show any signs of slowing down.  The post-Grammy sales finally impacted the charts this week, so a lot of movement in both the album and single charts was expected.

After some majah promo opening the Grammys, The Carter’s have made a huge jump into the top 10 with the Beyonce’s current single, ‘Drunk In Love’.

The song reached a new peak of number 2 today, marking Beyonce’s first trip to the top 10 since 2010. This news left a lot of people waking up in the kitchen wondering what happened.


Realizing The Dream


After nearly 7 years and 5 albums Tetrius “The Dream” Nash has announced that he is leaving Def Jam.

But The Dreams Def Jam legacy will never be from his solo career, but his impeccable ability to write a hit song and propel  the career of the artist singing it.

Let’s not discredit all of his solo work though. He did give us LOVE/HATE (Senior Year *foghorns*) and ‘Rockin That Thang’, but aside from those I struggled to actually enjoy the music because it lacked the quality he gave to other artists.

With that being said, lets honor his past 7 years at Def Jam by highlighting his best song writing moments.

*Dream Voice* Radiooo Killaaaaa