Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Gets Pharrelled on New Single ‘SING’


If you were reading my coverage of the Grammy’s back in February than you know that I’m not really an Ed Sheeran fan. His music didn’t do anything for me, and it didn’t help that he was riding off of his Taylor Swift friendship to get more fans.

Even though I wasn’t a fan I never denied his talent or his “sound.” To put it simply, it wasn’t for me but I understood why people liked him. He wrote all of his music, and when he came on the radio you knew that it was him.

With his popularity on the rise he decided to let go of the ‘Lego House’ sound and dive right into the mainstream before the release of this sophomore album.

Maybe I’m becoming a bitter blogger, but this is getting me more angry than I was before.




Grammy Week: Best New Artist


Sunday night will host the 74th Grammys, which means there are going to be a whole bunch of pressed people going into Monday morning.

The Grammys are the biggest night in music. Whether or not they mean anything during this new age of music is neither here nor there. The history of the award is enough to make any artist want one.

If you’ve ever entered any online music forum, you’ll know that stans use Grammys as bullets.


Team_Breezy_Rox: Nice try Usher, Chris did it first #Yeahx3 #UsherFlop #Deuces

UsherWyfe33: Sorry, he 2 busy counting his 8 grammys #UMad #1GrammyChris #RihannaNavy

You see? It means something!

The Big 4 – Best Album, Best Song, Best Record, and Best New Artist – have always been the most coveted awards. With 4 days left until the big show, why not take a category to predict each day.