Beyonce and Jay-Z ‘Surfbort’ to Number 2


For the second week, Katy Perry’s still raging¬†with the number 1 song in the country, ‘Dark Horse’. Even though the song is a certified smash, this bizarre display probably had something to do with it-


It was impossible to knock Katy from the top spot this week. The mix between her song sales and radio play was too strong to show any signs of slowing down.  The post-Grammy sales finally impacted the charts this week, so a lot of movement in both the album and single charts was expected.

After some majah promo opening the Grammys, The Carter’s have made a huge jump into the top 10 with the Beyonce’s current single, ‘Drunk In Love’.

The song reached a new peak of number 2 today, marking Beyonce’s first trip to the top 10 since 2010. This news left a lot of people waking up in the kitchen wondering what happened.



Theezy University

Back to Old School Yo


Yesterday Rutgers University made the new for announcing that they are offering a course based around Beyonce.

The class, Politicizing Beyonce, explores ideas of race, gender, and sexuality through her music.

This isn’t a revolutionary idea. Other Universities have offered courses on other artists in the past. Considering that music, in both visual and audio form, are so prevalent in today’s culture, it only makes sense to study them through social lenses.

I’m assuming that over the years more schools will start offering similar classes.

I thought I would do a civil service and help them out by creating some of the classes.

10 to be exact.

Enrollment below:


Grammy Week: Pop Categories


The pop category is the shortest, mainly because it’s the hardest to distinguish.

Modern Pop is mixed with so many different influences. It’s hard to look at the songs released during any given year and be able to pick out a song that’s purely pop. Even traditional “pop” artists, lean towards another genre for influence.

The pop categories are traditionally for vocal performances and albums, rather than song recognition like the R&B, Rap, and Country categories.

All of these nominations caused a shaking of my head to occur. Few made sense, some seemed lazy, and I think some were just made for extra entertainment.