Justin Timberlake

Justin’s ‘Not A Bad Thing’ Single Is A Real Thing


Remember when Jimmy Fallon declared Justin Timberlake the President of Pop during the 2013 Video Music Awards?

Well, he was right. Justin Timberlake is the best.

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But his new single, ‘Not A Bad Thing’, isn’t exactly proving that. It’s the kind of song Jesse McCartney should be recording.

The 20/20 Experience era has been a real hot mess. The album has not had the impact we expected from him, especially with it being released in two parts; the idea was better than the final product. I’m a huge Justin Timberlake stan fan, but to say that this last album was a let down is an understatement.

Was it a bad album? Not exactly.

Did it flop? No – 3.2 million sold in the US

Am I being a little harsh? Probably, but this is the guy who gave us the game changing Future Sex/Love Sounds, so how could I not expect more than what was given to us?



Analyzing Pop’s Perfect Breakup


Remember when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were just two southern lovers ruling the pop world?

They were the perfect embodiment of the early 2000’s. Then suddenly it came crashing down in front of the world, leaving pop without a king & queen.

It’s funny to look back at the pictures because it was the early 2000’s and everything was ridiculous. Did you see the picture above? It’s also kind of heartbreaking when you think about all that’s happened. We’ve watched both grow into adults, with struggles and successes alike, but it’s hard not to wonder how different their lives would’ve been if things hadn’t ended. Especially Britney’s.

Bad times in musicians lives often translate into musical gold. The Justin/Britney breakup gave us two of the best breakup songs ever.

The best part is that the songs are a call and response, even if they won’t admit it. Britney recorded her song months after Justin released his. Everything from the lyrical content to the music videos pointed at each other.

Knowing what we know about their pasts make the songs even more interesting to listen and analyze 12 years later.


Grammy Week: Album of the Year


This year had a lot of bogus albums.

Nothing slayed me the way I wanted. No comeback dominated everything – except for Beyonce but that album is not eligible for this years Grammys. Everything else just felt safe.

There were a few highlights. Kendrick had one of the most refreshing rap albums in years, and believe it or not, I thought Bruno did a great job of mixing eras on his album.

Album of the Year is the award that means everything – hence Kanye West’s obsession with winning one.

In an era where more time is focused on the single, rather than the album, this award is even more coveted. It’s a pat on the back that you did the right thing as an artist and created a collective work worth listening too.


Grammy Week: Rap Categories

The 38th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

The last few years have brought a renaissance for Rap with the Grammy voters.

Rappers are now crossing into the major categories, and have been for the last few years . 2014 was a big year for Rap, especially since two rap albums are nominated for album of the year.

At the end of the day, if you’re into underground rap and the mixtapes, you’ll hate the Grammys. The Grammys only look at popular rap, so go into the show with that mindset.

I’m not ashamed to like popular rap and I actually prefer it.


My predictions below:


Grammy Week: Pop Categories


The pop category is the shortest, mainly because it’s the hardest to distinguish.

Modern Pop is mixed with so many different influences. It’s hard to look at the songs released during any given year and be able to pick out a song that’s purely pop. Even traditional “pop” artists, lean towards another genre for influence.

The pop categories are traditionally for vocal performances and albums, rather than song recognition like the R&B, Rap, and Country categories.

All of these nominations caused a shaking of my head to occur. Few made sense, some seemed lazy, and I think some were just made for extra entertainment.



Grammy Week: R&B Categories


It would take me weeks to extensively write about each category the way that I have for the big four. Considering that most of the categories aren’t televised, I wanted to focus the most on those.

The truth of the matter is that the Grammys have 30 fields with 82 categories in each.

I don’t check for each category, but there are a few I  like predict.

R&B, otherwise know as Rhythm & Blues or MY LIFE, has always been my genre. It’s the music I get the most excited for, which means its the category I feel the most passionate about.

The winners are announced before the show and are posted before also. This translates into me opening my computer and screaming because all of my musical angels have lost.

With that, lets predicts this years winners with the goal of seeing how mad I’m going to be 8:00 Sunday night.