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Yesterday Rutgers University made the new for announcing that they are offering a course based around Beyonce.

The class, Politicizing Beyonce, explores ideas of race, gender, and sexuality through her music.

This isn’t a revolutionary idea. Other Universities have offered courses on other artists in the past. Considering that music, in both visual and audio form, are so prevalent in today’s culture, it only makes sense to study them through social lenses.

I’m assuming that over the years more schools will start offering similar classes.

I thought I would do a civil service and help them out by creating some of the classes.

10 to be exact.

Enrollment below:



Grammy Week: Album of the Year


This year had a lot of bogus albums.

Nothing slayed me the way I wanted. No comeback dominated everything – except for Beyonce but that album is not eligible for this years Grammys. Everything else just felt safe.

There were a few highlights. Kendrick had one of the most refreshing rap albums in years, and believe it or not, I thought Bruno did a great job of mixing eras on his album.

Album of the Year is the award that means everything – hence Kanye West’s obsession with winning one.

In an era where more time is focused on the single, rather than the album, this award is even more coveted. It’s a pat on the back that you did the right thing as an artist and created a collective work worth listening too.


Grammy Week: Rap Categories

The 38th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

The last few years have brought a renaissance for Rap with the Grammy voters.

Rappers are now crossing into the major categories, and have been for the last few years . 2014 was a big year for Rap, especially since two rap albums are nominated for album of the year.

At the end of the day, if you’re into underground rap and the mixtapes, you’ll hate the Grammys. The Grammys only look at popular rap, so go into the show with that mindset.

I’m not ashamed to like popular rap and I actually prefer it.


My predictions below:


Grammy Week: Record of the Year


One of the biggest confusions about the Grammys has been the difference between Song and Record of the year. The Grammy website explains it best:

The Record Of The Year category recognizes the artist’s performance as well as the overall contributions of the producer(s), recording engineer(s) and/or mixer(s) if other than the artist. The Song Of The Year category recognizes the songwriter(s).

Translation: 97% of today’s singers can only be nominated in this category because they don’t write any of their music.

In recent years there has been a different winner in each category. For example, last year Record of the Year went to ‘Somebody That I Use To Know’ and Song of the Year went to ‘We Are Young’. Both great tracks, but neither was deserving of the other award.

I like when the Grammys spread the love and I think they will this year too.


Grammy Week: Best New Artist


Sunday night will host the 74th Grammys, which means there are going to be a whole bunch of pressed people going into Monday morning.

The Grammys are the biggest night in music. Whether or not they mean anything during this new age of music is neither here nor there. The history of the award is enough to make any artist want one.

If you’ve ever entered any online music forum, you’ll know that stans use Grammys as bullets.


Team_Breezy_Rox: Nice try Usher, Chris did it first #Yeahx3 #UsherFlop #Deuces

UsherWyfe33: Sorry, he 2 busy counting his 8 grammys #UMad #1GrammyChris #RihannaNavy

You see? It means something!

The Big 4 – Best Album, Best Song, Best Record, and Best New Artist – have always been the most coveted awards. With 4 days left until the big show, why not take a category to predict each day.