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The Return Of Lana


Ultraviolence is about to commence.

If you guys aren’t ready for the Lana Del Rey return than you better brace yourself, because it’s-about-to-go-down.

The first signs of promo appeared this week when a billboard for Lana’s third album mysteriously appear in the pretentious hipster capital of the world, Brooklyn.

This is just one of the few pieces of the puzzle that we’ve been given the last few weeks. So naturally I’ll help you piece them together so we can figure out exactly what’s going down (and probably be wrong about most of it).

*born 2 die*



Ed Sheeran Gets Pharrelled on New Single ‘SING’


If you were reading my coverage of the Grammy’s back in February than you know that I’m not really an Ed Sheeran fan. His music didn’t do anything for me, and it didn’t help that he was riding off of his Taylor Swift friendship to get more fans.

Even though I wasn’t a fan I never denied his talent or his “sound.” To put it simply, it wasn’t for me but I understood why people liked him. He wrote all of his music, and when he came on the radio you knew that it was him.

With his popularity on the rise he decided to let go of the ‘Lego House’ sound and dive right into the mainstream before the release of this sophomore album.

Maybe I’m becoming a bitter blogger, but this is getting me more angry than I was before.



Calvin Harris Gifts Rita Ora With ‘I Will Never Let You Down’


Calvin Harris has been a major force in pop music these last few years. He’s always been a king in the dance world, but he has successfully translated that into producing some major pop jams.

Since the worldwide success of ‘We Found Love’, Calvin’s producing and song writing skills have been heavily sought after. It doesn’t hurt that he has a near perfect record of producing/writing hit songs for other artists.

So it doesn’t surprise me that his girlfriend, Rita Ora, decided to launch her second album with one of his songs.

‘I Will Never Let You Down’ has the most bubblegum pop sound that we’ve ever heard Calvin sound. The feel-good love songs strays away from the EDM breakdowns, and treads towards 80’s pop anthems.


R.Kelly and Keyshia Cole Hit The Studio Together


This past week Keyshia Cole decided to post a picture on twitter that literally contained 1,000 words/stan thoughts. She and R. Kelly are pictured together in a studio with Keyshia sending out the love and R.Kelly advertising for cigars.

Do you guys know what this means?

This is a potential ‘I Believe I Can Fly’/’Heaven Sent’ collaboration.

This is a potential ‘Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 1-12’/’I Should’ve Cheated’ type of magic going on.

What are you suppose to do when two of the best R&B artists meet up in the studio and you have nothing but a picture to imagine the greatness? Start digging for clues, that’s what.


Sia Swings From The Chandelier And Wins


Isn’t it about time for Sia to have another smash of her own?

For the past 3 years or so Sia has been writing for all your favs and slaying the pop game while doing so. Anyone ever heard of ‘Let Me Love You’? How about ‘Pretty Hurts’? Oh, so your telling me that you’ve never heard of ‘Diamonds’??

She has been the pen behind the worlds biggest pop stars, and most people don’t know it. Sia had a brief moment in the spotlight with ‘Titanium’ in 2011. Even though she sang and co-wrote the song it was officially billed as a David Guetta song….yeah about that…..

She’s finally stepping back to the mic to bring us her 6th album this year, which is her first since 2010’s We Are Born. With all of her new founded success there is no better time for the album to drop and for you to recognize pop greatness.


Cher Lloyd Slays With New Single ‘Sirens’



Cher Lloyd decided to serve us a bonafide smash.

After barely scrapping the itunes top 100 last year with the T.I. collaboration ‘I Wish’, Cher Lloyd fell into a little bit of a sophomore slump. The song never charted on the Billboard Hot 100, leaving Cher with a certified dud to her name.

Up until this point Cher has only seen a major hit with her debut single ‘Want U Back’. The song peaked at number 12 on the Hot 100 in 2012. If you’re a fan of the UK version of the X Factor than you know the kind of talent and appeal Cher has. She’s a pint-sized firecracker with the confidence and voice to match.

Until now the material she’s recorded has all been a little basic – catchy, but no substance. It looks like ‘Sirens’ could change all that.


Young Money: The Rise Or Fall of an Empire?


Young Money released their second compilation album today, The Rise of an Empire. But I’m starting to doubt the album’s title after giving it a spin.

We’ve seen a lot of label empires in Rap/Hip-Hop. Remember the power of Death Row, Bad Boy, Murder Inc. and G-Unit back in day? They were everywhere from the airwaves to the clothes racks. The 2009-2011 success of Young Money seemed to mirror that.

The introduction of superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj mixed with the never ending Lil Wayne reign lead to massive popularity for the label. This lead to a top 5 compilation single and top 10 album. Everyone wanted a piece of Young Money back then.

But it’s 2014, the fireworks are done, and the world isn’t watching the way it use to.

Rise hasn’t even cracked the top 5 on iTunes and none of the songs are taking off on the singles chart. So how much of a rise is this actually going to be?

Where is Keri Hilson?


If someone, anyone has any information, please call 1-800-YOU-DOWN.

It’s been more than 3 years since Miss Keri Baybay has been pretty girl rocking on the radio. No Boys Allowed was released in December of 2010, leaving the world Keriless since then. We’ve seen major rises and falls in the industry since then, but where’s Keri?!?

There have been rumors of an African-inspired third album, but those are nothing more than rumors. She’s been spotted a few times, but her lack of presence has thousands worried. For all the stans out there, a quick reference, where did she go?

We need to find her and throw her into a studio asap.

Here are some ideas of where she could be:


Kendrick Had A Dream: 2014 Takeover


So we’re all still a little salty about the Grammys.

Kendrick lost. Macklemore sent a text or two. The Rap world was pissed.

Aside from that, things have been pretty quiet on the Kendrick front. When an artist is quiet it only means one thing, something big is about to happen. Or it just means they’re a major dud that no one is checking for them, but clearly that doesn’t apply to Kendrick.

Anyone remember this?


His fame has forever been cemented.

The good news is that things won’t stay quiet for too long. Anthony Tiffith, the CEO of Kendrick’s label TDE, is featured in the Billboard cover story with Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q. The article discusses the history of the label, their recent rise to fame, and future plans.


‘Dark Horse’ Gets A Dose Of Dawn


Dawn Richard of Danity Kane decided to put her own twist on ‘Dark Horse’ and things got real dark.

After the official video dropped last week this remix couldn’t have come at a better time. We all needed to be reminded of how good of a song this is. Not going to lie, the egyptian themed video nearly ruined the song for me. I found myself more bored by it then before, but it’s back to love now thanks to ol’ faithful (Dawn).

Produced by NoisecastleIII, the re-imagined number removes the pop elements of the song to give us some gritty trap beauty. Dawn has never done us wrong before and this time is no different.

Dubbed ‘The Unicorn Remix’, the track has been making rounds through the blogosphere since early this week.

If you’ve been sleeping on Dawn now would be the time to wake up.