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Lana Makes The ‘West Coast’ A Little Better


Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’ dropped yesterday and spoiler alert, it’s perfect.

After the masses traveled to Brooklyn to catch a glimpse of THE billboard, Lana decided not to keep us waiting too long and drop the track on the UK’s Radio 1.

‘West Coast’ is everything you wanted and nothing that you expected all at the same time. The hip-hop based sound of Born To Die has been traded with some 70’s realness that would make your hippy Uncle and Aunt proud. 

Bring us to Woodstock Lana. 



Justin’s ‘Not A Bad Thing’ Single Is A Real Thing


Remember when Jimmy Fallon declared Justin Timberlake the President of Pop during the 2013 Video Music Awards?

Well, he was right. Justin Timberlake is the best.

Ex. A




Ex. C


But his new single, ‘Not A Bad Thing’, isn’t exactly proving that. It’s the kind of song Jesse McCartney should be recording.

The 20/20 Experience era has been a real hot mess. The album has not had the impact we expected from him, especially with it being released in two parts; the idea was better than the final product. I’m a huge Justin Timberlake stan fan, but to say that this last album was a let down is an understatement.

Was it a bad album? Not exactly.

Did it flop? No – 3.2 million sold in the US

Am I being a little harsh? Probably, but this is the guy who gave us the game changing Future Sex/Love Sounds, so how could I not expect more than what was given to us?