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Boots ‘Dreams’ With Bey


Let’s be honest, the biggest mystery of Beyonce’s new album was its unknown producer Boots. (This is excluding the fact that the whole album was a mystery to us all – LOL REMEMBER WHEN THAT HAPPENED??)

Since he blessed us with ‘Haunted’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Jealous’, etc, etc, Boots has been dropping tracks over the last few months leading up to the release of his planned mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall. He’s slowly began to build his brand, upping the hype for the mixtape with each release.

The fact that he had received so much notoriety from Beyonce is already giving him some major home field advantage with his most recent release ‘Dreams’. A Beyonce fan will love anything that she is on, so he’s winning there, but the song is just another example of his song writing skills.



Lana Makes The ‘West Coast’ A Little Better


Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’ dropped yesterday and spoiler alert, it’s perfect.

After the masses traveled to Brooklyn to catch a glimpse of THE billboard, Lana decided not to keep us waiting too long and drop the track on the UK’s Radio 1.

‘West Coast’ is everything you wanted and nothing that you expected all at the same time. The hip-hop based sound of Born To Die has been traded with some 70’s realness that would make your hippy Uncle and Aunt proud. 

Bring us to Woodstock Lana. 


Ed Sheeran Gets Pharrelled on New Single ‘SING’


If you were reading my coverage of the Grammy’s back in February than you know that I’m not really an Ed Sheeran fan. His music didn’t do anything for me, and it didn’t help that he was riding off of his Taylor Swift friendship to get more fans.

Even though I wasn’t a fan I never denied his talent or his “sound.” To put it simply, it wasn’t for me but I understood why people liked him. He wrote all of his music, and when he came on the radio you knew that it was him.

With his popularity on the rise he decided to let go of the ‘Lego House’ sound and dive right into the mainstream before the release of this sophomore album.

Maybe I’m becoming a bitter blogger, but this is getting me more angry than I was before.



4 Reasons You Love Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’


There’s so much money on your mind that you may have not even noticed the slayage that’s occurring on iTunes.

This past weekend Sam Smith has “his” moment when he performed on SNL.

If you look back through the years countless artists got their big break once they performed on the SNL stage. So being the male answer to Adele like I said back in February, naturally Smith would follow in her footsteps and blow up after his debut appearance.

I don’t know if the release of ‘Stay With Me’ was done because of the appearance, but I’m glad it happened.

‘Stay With Me’ gives us everything we need. I’m talking about some Fighting Temptations realness. Some truth that’s signed sealed and delivered.

Here’s why:


Calvin Harris Gifts Rita Ora With ‘I Will Never Let You Down’


Calvin Harris has been a major force in pop music these last few years. He’s always been a king in the dance world, but he has successfully translated that into producing some major pop jams.

Since the worldwide success of ‘We Found Love’, Calvin’s producing and song writing skills have been heavily sought after. It doesn’t hurt that he has a near perfect record of producing/writing hit songs for other artists.

So it doesn’t surprise me that his girlfriend, Rita Ora, decided to launch her second album with one of his songs.

‘I Will Never Let You Down’ has the most bubblegum pop sound that we’ve ever heard Calvin sound. The feel-good love songs strays away from the EDM breakdowns, and treads towards 80’s pop anthems.


Jennifer Lopez and French Montana Hit American Idol

Jennifer Lopez - I luh Ya Papi (Music Video)

Once again JLo is using the American Idol train to her advantage.

‘I Luh Ya Papi’ debuted on the Hot 100 this week at 98. Considering that both the song and the video were released last week, last night’s performance may be the last thing to save the song.

Out of all of her lead single, ‘Papi’ is probably the weakest, but the way she performed last didn’t show that. Out of all of the performances she’s done over the years on Idol this was her best. It even proved that her voice is getting better like Marc Anthony said.

French Montana’s mic must have been off because all I heard was his studio vocals. That was his biggest televised performance to date, so I’m curious if it will affect the rest of his career positively.

Take a peep at JLo’s latest offering below:


The Radio Is Killing John Legend


It’s pretty much impossible that you haven’t heard John Legends ‘All Of Me’ by now.

Taken from his album, Love in the Future, the song took off after his performance at the Grammys last month. It immediately jumped into the top 5 on iTunes after the performance and the radio finally jumped on the bandwagon.

John had been pimping the song out for a few weeks before the Grammys. He performed the song on Ellen and the song has started to gain steam. What it was missing was the radio love and the Grammy performance solved that.

But after a few weeks of being on the radio ‘All Of Me’ started to sound like a cat scratching a chalkboard while screaming. The radio can do wonders for some songs, but for others it can have the opposite effect – utter hatred.

Sam Smith Performs ‘Leave Your Lover’; World Stops Moving

Sam Smith

This past Thursday Sam Smith performed at the MtvU Woodie Awards down in Austin.

He decided to bless us with a performance from album track ‘Leave Your Lover’, a song about unrequited love and the levels of emotions that come with it.

How is it humanly possible for his voice to sound exactly the same on stage as it does in the studio? What type of British magic did he and Adele succumb to? How pissed is Rita Ora that she can’t obtain it?

‘Leave Your Lover’ is another brilliant track from Sam. He’s been performing it for a while, but I’m apparently very late to the ‘lover’ party. The song contains the same octave jumping vocals that we’ve come to expect from Sam, but since his voice is flawless each song sounds better than the last.

Get ready to be schooled below.


Cher Lloyd Slays With New Single ‘Sirens’



Cher Lloyd decided to serve us a bonafide smash.

After barely scrapping the itunes top 100 last year with the T.I. collaboration ‘I Wish’, Cher Lloyd fell into a little bit of a sophomore slump. The song never charted on the Billboard Hot 100, leaving Cher with a certified dud to her name.

Up until this point Cher has only seen a major hit with her debut single ‘Want U Back’. The song peaked at number 12 on the Hot 100 in 2012. If you’re a fan of the UK version of the X Factor than you know the kind of talent and appeal Cher has. She’s a pint-sized firecracker with the confidence and voice to match.

Until now the material she’s recorded has all been a little basic – catchy, but no substance. It looks like ‘Sirens’ could change all that.


Phillip Phillips Strikes Again With ‘Raging Fire’


American Idol has done an ok job with finding new artists throughout years.

An artist isn’t just somebody who can sing, but someone who has vision, goals, and charisma. This is why a good half of its winners are great artists and the other half are flops.

Fantasia is not in the flop category. How dare you.

Phillip Phillips is one of the only good winners recently. He has a unmistakable voice and he’s working the folky-pop category with ease. His win on Idol was the most obvious since Carrie Underwood destroyed everyone in 2005.

Phillips winning song, ‘Home’, catapulted him away from the competition. He wasn’t just know for winning, but for an actual song now. This is the biggest obstacle for each winner.

This brings us to his new single, ‘Raging Fire’, the first release of his upcoming sophomore album.