Drake and Rihanna Perform ‘Take Care’ for the First Time; Love is Real


It only took 2 years for us to finally see a performance of ‘Take Care’ live with both Drake and Rihanna.

Drake brought the Bad Gal out during his tour stop in Paris on Tuesday night. Both decked in all white, the duo serenaded each other with their 2012 hit. He is currently in the European leg of his Would You Like A Tour? world tour.

The two have performed together before when Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ was ruling the world, but we’ve never been blessed with a ‘Take Care’ performance.

This beautiful display of *Future voice* love and affection sent the Parisian crowd into a frenzy. The internet then followed, causing ‘Bad Behavior’ throughout the world.

After the performance, Drake took to instagram to post a picture of the two with the caption “PaRIH”. Naturally France has since notified United Nations of the legal name change.


The city of love has never looked so good!



Eminem and Rihanna Announce Joint Tour: Millions File For Bankruptcy


Ok everyone, grab the monster under you bed because everyones favorite #ForeverAngry Rapper and Bad Gal are hitting the road together.

Last night Eminem announced plans of a Joint Tour with Rihanna slated for this summer.

The tweet is as follows:

Marshall Mathers ‏@Eminem  15h

Top 26 Rihanna Smashes


Yesterday was Rihanna’s 26th birthday, which means I’m late to the party.

It also means my twitter feed was bombarded with ‘Birthday Cake’ references, though I can’t say that I minded.

So in honor of all the cake she’s given us over the years, I decided to dig through her extensive catalogue and list the top 26 songs of her career.

I’m trying to not make this a stan post, but trying to pick through her catalogue was near impossible. You really forget how she has relentlessly worked to give us 7 albums in 8 years.

You’ll find that a lot of her “hits” didn’t make the cut. Her album tracks are so good that a lot of times an era ended with the best songs not being released. So here’s to no one being pressed that ‘Disturbia’ isn’t on the list – because it’s one if her worst.

Theezy University

Back to Old School Yo


Yesterday Rutgers University made the new for announcing that they are offering a course based around Beyonce.

The class, Politicizing Beyonce, explores ideas of race, gender, and sexuality through her music.

This isn’t a revolutionary idea. Other Universities have offered courses on other artists in the past. Considering that music, in both visual and audio form, are so prevalent in today’s culture, it only makes sense to study them through social lenses.

I’m assuming that over the years more schools will start offering similar classes.

I thought I would do a civil service and help them out by creating some of the classes.

10 to be exact.

Enrollment below:


Grammy Week: Pop Categories


The pop category is the shortest, mainly because it’s the hardest to distinguish.

Modern Pop is mixed with so many different influences. It’s hard to look at the songs released during any given year and be able to pick out a song that’s purely pop. Even traditional “pop” artists, lean towards another genre for influence.

The pop categories are traditionally for vocal performances and albums, rather than song recognition like the R&B, Rap, and Country categories.

All of these nominations caused a shaking of my head to occur. Few made sense, some seemed lazy, and I think some were just made for extra entertainment.



Grammy Week: Song of the Year


I think it’s safe to say that Song of the Year is my favorite category of the show.

Songs are embedded in everything we do. If you’re like me your brain functions only in songs, with lyrics randomly spewing out to express your emotions and lack of words.

Song of the Year has also been the most consistent in deserving winners. It hasn’t failed me before like Album of the Year.


Slowly closing my computer as I watched as the thief of joy and purity rose to accept the award. I slumped back in my dorms sky blue couch as Taylor Swift destroyed the American dream and won Album of the Year for the most basic album in Grammy history. #NothingWasTheSame

But you’ve never let me down, Song of the Year. So let’s keep the momentum going.


The She Wolf Meets The Bad Gal: Breaking Down ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’


After weeks of rumors, a confirmation from Pitbull, and about 7 days of teasers, Shakira and Rihanna have unveiled their collaboration to the world today.

‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’ is the first single from Shakira’s upcoming album and her first english single since ‘Waka Waka’.

Any time two major artists collaborate, the hype generally exceeds the final product. With two pop stars of this caliber the expectations were pretty high to say the least.

So how did the girls fare?


Realizing The Dream


After nearly 7 years and 5 albums Tetrius “The Dream” Nash has announced that he is leaving Def Jam.

But The Dreams Def Jam legacy will never be from his solo career, but his impeccable ability to write a hit song and propel  the career of the artist singing it.

Let’s not discredit all of his solo work though. He did give us LOVE/HATE (Senior Year *foghorns*) and ‘Rockin That Thang’, but aside from those I struggled to actually enjoy the music because it lacked the quality he gave to other artists.

With that being said, lets honor his past 7 years at Def Jam by highlighting his best song writing moments.

*Dream Voice* Radiooo Killaaaaa